House Awnings Save Energy and Provide Comfort

House awnings can directly affect energy consumption in your home just by blocking the sun. In some parts of the country, the savings can be as much as 25% of your energy cost to cool your home. Using fabric awnings provide savings by preventing heat gain through the windows.

Why Use Awnings?
* Energy savings
* Expand your living area
* Protect family and pets from the sun
* Curb appeal
* Enhanced outdoor décor
* Customization and shade control

House awnings allow you to enjoy the outdoors because they shield you from wind, sunlight, and other elements of the weather. It makes it easier to enjoy the outdoors without worrying too much about the weather’s excesses.

What Fabrics are Awnings Made from?
House awnings may be made from different materials like cotton, canvas, or acrylic and may be propped up by wood, metal, or even plastic. Besides protection from sun, awnings also add a nice warm feeling to a backyard or patio and allow you more time outdoors even during sunny hours. Setting up a table and chairs under an awning makes an outdoor meal seem special, and allows space for friends and visitors to gather for a weekend barbecue or picnic. Even quiet reading or playing a game is relaxing under an outdoor awning.

Some outdoor awnings are made of waterproof canvasses that easily repel droplets of water from rain. Some have motorized mechanisms to raise or lower the house awning with just the touch of a button. This is very convenient for people who do not want to be bothered to set up awnings manually. If the weather becomes unpredictable, the awning can be quickly rolled up for safe storage. Some awnings even come with lamps for evening use.

Benefits of Outdoor Awning Use
They are beneficial in any kind of weather situations—providing permanent shade in the summer from UV rays and sunburns and also provide protection from rain. They are more durable to the elements than patio umbrellas, and are often retractable to avoid snow in the winter. They help to reduce cooling costs, and create upscale outdoor living rooms with shape and color. They provide customized control for when you want sun and when you do not.

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