Home Remodeling Contractors Can Add Style to a Basement

Basements typically account for roughly one-third of the entire available space in the average home. Most basements are underused. More often than not, they are used as storage for everything from freezers to paperwork and makeshift laundry rooms.

Remodeling a basement has distinct advantages over other methods of increasing livable space. First, it generally requires the least amount of alteration to your home. For spaces below ground in relatively good condition, it also creates the best return on investment, because an entirely new floor of livable space can be added to the home. Although finished basements often lack the open atmosphere of well-lit areas that include full windows, home remodeling contractors in Arlington Heights IL can make them an extremely valuable and enjoyable space for family and friends. They are able to create inviting and very usable spaces that everyone can enjoy.

Basement Remodeling Considerations
Remodeling a basement has many challenges. Below-grade spaces are subject to water and moisture, which can damage home construction. Home remodeling contractors can check for water issues by looking at interior floor and walls, and then going outside to make sure the exterior of the foundation is solid and without cracks. They will also look at gutters and downspouts to make sure that moisture is kept away from the basement.

Unless a basement is of the walkout type where one or more walls are above-grade and can accommodate glazed doors and large windows, natural lighting is going to be limited in a basement to a handful of small windows. Overhead pipes and ductwork can add further challenges, and if a bathroom is part of the plan in the remodeling, then the basement toilet may have to flush up.

Designing the Basement
Home remodeling contractors who are experts in basement remodeling know how to handle these issues. In order to keep the basement dry, they use materials that can stand up to water and moisture. These are high-quality basement finishing systems that include waterproof wall panels, mold-proof polyvinylchloride moldings and water-resistant under floor materials which all reduce the risk from water damage and mold growth.

Home remodeling contractors also use suspended or dropped ceilings, which can easily and attractively accommodate fancy fixtures. These dropped ceilings hide exposed pipes, ductwork or electrical wiring. Proper lighting along the walls, such as sconces or recessed spotlights and baseboard heating are other additions that can give a basement a cozy feel like any other room in a home and make the space seem bigger.

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