Hiring A Lawn Service Company In Virginia Beach

by | Jul 10, 2013 | Landscaping

Though you may enjoy a large, well kept yard with weed free landscaping, you may not enjoy the work it entails to keep it looking that way. Throughout the year you may find yourself working, at least weekly, in the yard, to keep it looking cared for. Letting the grass overgrow before cutting it, brings on an entirely different host of problems, as the grass can be damaged, trying to cut it back down to the proper height. It’s important to keep it cut on a regular basis, as it’s healthier for the lawn, and looks better too. If you’re too busy to commit to this schedule, or tending to your yard is too getting to difficult for you to do, even though you originally thought you’d like to do it yourself, hiring a Lawn Service Virginia Beach may be what you need to look into.

It may surprise most people, but there is a proper way to mow a lawn. The blade should be adjusted to ensure that no more than one-third of the grass height is cut with each pass. It’s also extremely important that the blade be quite sharp. A Lawn Service Virginia Beach is knowledgeable about this and knows the proper height for each lawn they mow and they’re diligent to keep their mower blades very sharp for a professional and clean cut. Mowing your grass the proper way allows for a healthier and nicer looking lawn. It will grow thicker, thus avoiding weed overgrowth.

Bugs, pest and fungus overgrowth can be another concern in your grass. Unfortunately, for the average homeowner, the problem isn’t discovered until it becomes quite obvious and much damage has been done to the lawn. A Lawn Service Virginia Beach will be able to spot a potential problem in your lawn well before it causes major damage. They can recommend pest control for your lawn to treat insect infestation. A lot of rain or over watering can cause fungus. Your lawn service can advise your best treatment options to avoid further damage to your lawn.

One of the best safeguards to keeping pests or fungus out of your grass is keeping a healthy, thick lawn. Bugs and fungus can’t do damage as easily as they can to a thin, weak lawn. Hiring someone to take care of your yard, will ensure that it’s taken care of properly and always looks its best.

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