Helpful Tips for Negotiating Speaker Fees

When you are planning a corporate event, hiring a quality Funny and Motivational Speaker offers a number of benefits. However, if this is your first time doing this, it may leave you a little confused and frustrated about the process. However, when you know how to negotiate the price, it can ease the burden of getting a speaker you want without busting your budget.

There are a number of conference and event planners who are convinced that they need to pay the speaker they want their full asking price; however, this is not necessarily the case.

There are a number of speakers who may play a game with their fees, attempting to see how high a planner will go prior to offering a quote. These speakers should be avoided, since any professional speaker will know what their time is worth and stick to a price.

Once you have been provided a quote, you still have some wiggle room, which comes as a surprise to many event planners. While you are negotiating, your goal should not be to just get the price reduced, but rather for you to find a way to exchange your value for theirs. For example, if a speaker wants $4,000 for their services and you have $2,000, you should determine what it is that you have that is worth $2,000 you could exchange for their professional services.

Offer a Number of Date Options

Are you buying for a number of different meetings for the year? How many of these would a speaker be right for? Many speakers are more than thrilled to reduce the price if they are guaranteed a number of dates.

Allow the Speaker to Sell their Products

There are a number of speakers who will reduce their prices significantly if you allow them to sell their albums, cassettes, books, etc. However, be careful when doing this. There are some unprofessional speakers that will try to “push” their products, which can be embarrassing for your attendees and yourself.

Purchase the Educational Items

In many cases, a business will provide an “extra” budget for a speaker’s educational materials. If you have determined they are right for your audience, you can use the materials that the speaker offers. In many cases they will offer a package deal for their materials and speaking services. This can help you save a significant amount of money.

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