What is a Legal Assistant Certificate Program?

A legal assistant certificate program can be the first step to a great career. Legal assistants provide support to a lawyer or to an entire law firm. They can prepare documents, work with cases and provide detailed assistance to a lawyer. While a legal assistant or paralegal is prohibited from practicing law or representing clients they do just about everything a lawyer does and can greatly impact the outcome of a case. They provide a vital support role in every law firm. The certificate program offers certification in different areas of the law that you plan on specializing in.

Lawyers are usually educated on very broad areas of the law while a legal assistant will be an expert in a particular area of the law, although it is not unusual to have a legal assistant with a very broad knowledge of the law. They are the right hand of most lawyers and are very valued members of the firm.

Is a Legal Assistant Certificate Program Right for You?
If you have always wanted to work in a law office or work with the law, this is an ideal career path for you. Anyone that is interested in:

  • Becoming an expert
  • Having a challenging career
  • That enjoys watching the legal process unfold
  • Enjoys seeing their work positively affect people

If you love the law, enjoy watching court dramas unfold or just want to work in the legal field this would be a great program for you. If you want to help people not have to necessarily deal with people directly this would be a great career option for you. As a legal assistant you can pick an area of the law that you want to become expert at like family law, personal injury or criminal law. There are plenty of areas of the law that you can become an expert in. If you can handle responsibility and working in an interesting environment this may be the perfect path for you.

So Many Benefits
A legal assistant certificate program can lead to a job that offers a great starting salary and a full benefits package. You can enjoy paid vacations, paid time off when you are sick and a wide range of other benefits. You will be able to work in a great environment where you will command respect. A legal assistance certificate program can be the key to your future.

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