Getting The Right Industrial Forklift Batteries For The Job

Batteries for any type of equipment can be challenging to purchase, particularly for those that are relatively new to the process. Unlike other types of equipment batteries, the power sources used in electric forklifts can be different sizes, shapes and voltages, all which need to be considered when placing an order.

To ensure the right industrial forklift batteries are ordered, it is highly recommended to work with a specialized Wisconsin battery company. These professionals can quickly verify the battery shape, size, and voltage as well as weight and other factors to ensure it meets the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Cables and Connectors

When ordering new industrial forklift batteries, it is important to know the cables and connectors used on the current battery. On the way to the battery company, it is a simple option to just snap a picture on your phone of the cables and connectors, including the cable and battery position in relation to the equipment. Measure the cable length from the edge of the battery connector to where it meets and mates with the connector on the equipment.

For the connectors, there are only a small number of different options that will be easy to identify for most batteries. The color of the connector is also an easy way to provide information on the correct option.

Voltage Options

Generally, a forklift will use a 36 or a 48-volt battery, with some designed to allow for the use of either option with the correct configuration of the battery system. As a simple way to determine the voltage currently in use remember that there are 2 volts per cell, so the 36-volt battery has 18 cells while the 48-volt battery as 24 cells.

Finally, know the battery charger that is currently in use. Not all industrial forklift batteries can be charged with the same battery charger, even if they are 36-volt or 48-volt, just like the ones they are replacing. Your Wisconsin battery company will be able to match your current charger with the right replacement battery.

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