Crown Forklift Battery: Two Basic Options

If you have a forklift, the most common power source is a battery. While you have the option to purchase one of the many different batteries available on the market, you might have a preference. For many living and working in Wisconsin, the Crown forklift battery is the best option. It provides them with the selection and power their equipment needs to perform their tasks.

Two Basic Types of Crown Forklift Batteries

When it comes to selecting the best Crown batteries for your forklifts, consider the two major options from this company. Below is a brief description of each type.

The H2GO Industrial Battery

This is the company’s low maintenance option. Instead of having to change the water every 1 to 3 weeks, you can put it off for as long as 3 months. The exact length of time between watering depends, of course, on

  1. The specific application of the battery
  2. The frequency of use

This decrease in water use is partly the result of having a recombinant flip top. You can easily observe water usage through an LED monitor. Less watering means, you can have more uptime on the job in Wisconsin. This reduces the overall operational costs.

This time of Crown forklift battery comes in both 85 and 125 amp sizes. With it, you receive a 5-year warranty.

Sealed Industrial Batteries

This is an alternative to the H2GO. They require no maintenance at all. The purpose of this type is to provide industrial strength for heavy-duty construction jobs. Complete with a universal fit for chargers, sealed industrial batteries come in 6, 8, and 12 volts as well as four terminal options

  1. Standard
  2. Type B2
  3. Inserted
  4. Type J.

The Crown Forklift Battery

The Crown forklift battery offers operators of equipment two good-quality products. Both are capable of handling the kind of workload your Wisconsin company needs to reach its goals. Both can move more product without issues.

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