Get Extra Cash in Marietta by Pawning Your Used Item Today

If you are looking for some extra cash, you should go by a pawn shop in Marietta GA. Pawn shops take all kinds of items that you may not even know are worth money. If you don’t want to own the items anymore you can sell it to the pawn shop outright or you also have the option of taking out a loan on the pretense that you will come back to pay them back and retrieve your items.

Jewelry and Gold

Each pawn shop in Marietta, GA is different, so if you are turned down at one pawn shop it doesn’t mean that you can get cash for it at another pawn shop down the road. It may just mean that they have overstock of the particular item you are trying to pawn and simply do not need any more on their shelves. When it comes to jewelry you can pawn just about anything as long as it is real. Even broken and scrap gold is in high demand because of the high gold prices right now. You can also bring in your gold coins, but it is recommended to have your collection appraised beforehand.


Tools are one the most lucrative and moveable items in a pawn shop. If it’s a tool, you can pawn it and probably get more than you though for it. This goes for air compressors, floor buffers, ladders, pressure washers and all sorts of miscellaneous equipment. If you need new lawn equipment you can always take your old equipment to the pawn shop and put the cash towards your new stuff. As long as it works, they will usually accept it.


Musical instruments can usually be pawned, but keep in mind that unless you paid a lot of money for it, you probably aren’t going to get a lot of cash for it. The industry standard is to give 1/4 of the current worth of the musical equipment in cash; not what you paid for it originally. This isn’t just limited to musical instruments, but also amps, speakers, stereos and cd players.

Hunting and Guns

As long as the gun has a clear serial number you can pawn just about any type of legal firearm or scope for good cash. All pawned firearms are typically ran through a police database to make sure they aren’t stolen or have been used to commit a crime. You can also pawn knives, swords, throwing stars and any assortment of legal weaponry including bows and arrows. In areas where hunting is prevalent you may even be able to pawn your deer stands, camping equipment, campers and other hunting/camping equipment.

AAA Pawn is a premier pawn shop in Marietta, GA that will pay you cash for items that most pawn shops won’t. They will buy your large items including but not limited to jet skis, scooters, motorcycles and four wheelers. Click here to know more.

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