Frequently Asked Questions From Home Buyers About Septic Inspections

Purchasing a home is an exciting event but, before signing the papers, potential home buyers should contact a qualified company that specializes in Septic Inspections. When a septic system is faulty, it’s often very expensive to pay for repairs, and individuals should be aware of any problems with the home before finalizing the purchase. If you’ve been looking for a home to buy, read the important questions and answers below about septic system inspections.

Q.) What does a professional do when performing a septic system inspection?

A.) During a septic inspection, the technician will perform a septic dye test to make sure the septic system is functioning normally. A special dye is flushed down the toilet, and a water faucet is then turned on to push the dye through the septic system and out to the drain field. By performing this test, the technician can spot any issues such as broken sewer pipes or a faulty tank inlet. The technician will also inspect the tank to see if the structure is stable and if the baffles are damaged. The inspector also checks the levels of the liquids and solids in the tank to see if the septic tank needs to be pumped out. After the inspection, the technician will complete the paperwork for the real estate transaction.

Q.) What can new homeowners do to keep their septic system functioning at its best?

A.) To prevent septic system problems, homeowners should hire a professional who specializes in Septic Inspections to examine their system and pump it out, if necessary, at least, every other year. To prevent tree roots from growing into the sewer lines, homeowners should avoid planting trees close to the septic system and drain field. Existing trees and plants should be trimmed back or removed to prevent tree root issues. To keep from damaging the sewer lines, vehicles, and heavy machinery should never be allowed on the drain field.

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