Four Reasons to Go to Security School

by | Apr 26, 2017 | Security

No matter how unstable the job market and how many government cutbacks are made, one area that will always be in demand is security officers and law enforcement. These are a few more good reasons to start security training in Miami, no matter your age or previous experience:

1. Training Credentials

To qualify as an armed security guard or gain a firearm permit, you must first pass the required training, which in Florida includes 28 hours of classroom training with a licensed firearms instructor. Doing this will ensure you gain all of your licenses and qualifications for an affordable price.

2. Personal Safety

Working security or law enforcement often means putting yourself into a dangerous situation, often when you least expect it. It is essential, therefore, to find security training in Miami which includes personal safety training so that you can prevent harm to yourself and others.

3. Alertness

Police and security officers often need to make split second decisions which sometimes make the difference between life and death. Mistakes do happen but the wrong decision could result in unnecessary death or injury and possibly a court case, a hefty fine, and dismissal. Proper training can help you to become more alert, analyze and recognize a dangerous situation instantly, and make good decisions even within a fraction of a second.

4. Ongoing Training

Even if you are already qualified and licensed, ongoing training and updating skills is always necessary, especially as laws change constantly. Taking training every few years will ensure your skills are always sharp and up to date with the latest standards.

Whether for a career change or to update your existing skills, it is always worth attending security school and qualifying for the right license. With it, you can retain long term job security and become an integral part in keeping a community safe.

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