Four Benefits of Boarding a Pet With an Animal Care Specialist

Booking travel plans is not always an easy decision for pet owners, since most locations are not pet-friendly. Leaving a cat or dog home alone is not an option either, as there isn’t always someone available to check in on them to make sure they’re fed. An Animal Care Specialist is a better alternative for boarding pets when their owners are away, since they have the experience necessary to handle animals. There are four benefits the pets will receive when boarded with a care specialist.

Separate Cat and Dog Areas

When in boarding, pets are kept separated by species. This means owners never have to worry about their cats being around large dogs, or their dogs being pestered by cats. Cats and dogs have completely separate areas where they will stay. Cats receive cat condos while dogs stay in comfortable cages.

Provided Food

Pets can often get upset stomachs when they are away from their familiar surroundings. For this reason, an animal specialist provides foods for the pets that will keep their stomachs healthy. They offer a sensitive stomach formula of Science Diet. If certain pets have special dietary needs, their owners also have the option to provide their own food.

Cat Rooms and Dog Runs

Owners do not have to worry that their pets are being cooped up inside a kennel. There is a special cat room where cats have time each day to play. There is also a dog run so dogs can stretch their legs. The dogs are also walked a few times each day, so they receive the exercise they need.

Specialist Care

One of the biggest benefits of being boarded with a specialist is the simple fact that pets will have access to specialist care if needed. Should anything happen when the pet is in the care of the clinic, a specialist is available to give them a check-up and determine what the problem could be. Each pet will receive the best care possible when anything like this occurs.

An Animal Care Specialist is an ideal person to board a pet with because of the many benefits they provide. Not only do they offer care to pets in need, but they also make sure each animal gets the exercise it needs. Food is provided, and separate sleeping areas are available for cats and dogs. Sitename further discusses the boarding options, as well as grooming services provided. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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