Employee Culture and Reporting: When Things Go Wrong What Do You Do?

Being referred to as a “snitch” is considered as one of the labels to avoid whenever you become part of a company. What many managers fail to understand when they tell their employees to report behavior or actions that could potentially cause problems is that their employees tend to form social connections. These connections can be considered as a way for them to develop some means of solidarity and you can even describe it as a community to a certain extent. This is why some employees hesitate to inform on the behavior of their fellow employees. For Chicago based companies experiencing this sort of problem, implementing a method of anonymous reporting seems to be the best solution to resolve it.

How Can Employees Report a Situation Anonymously?
When looking at the problem, the best solution that can be implemented would be to create some means of employees being able to relay incidents that they have observed without their name being attached to the report. This can be done by having either an application or an contact form that is on the company website that only they can access. By making sure that an employee’s identity is as concealed as possible, this makes them more likely to report as compared to a method where they could potentially be identified by other employees. Another factor why some employees hesitate to report incidents is due to them potentially misunderstanding the situation that they witness. If they report it and it turns out to be perfectly fine, this create the potential for them to be labeled as someone that is not trustworthy among their peers since anything said to them could make its way to the company.

How Does this Form of Reporting Benefit a Company?
One of the first benefits is that it allows the company to immediately know when one of their employees is engaging in an activity that could be potentially detrimental to the company’s operations. Immediate identification results in immediate resolution and limits the potential damage that could have occurred. The second benefit is that this prevents employees from systematically engaging in illicit or destabilizing activities within the premises of the company due to the belief that no one will report them.
When looking at the potential benefits of implementing a means of allowing employees to report incidents anonymously to the company, it shows that utilizing such a system would definitely be the correct route to choose.

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