Finding a Family Dentist in Lexington

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Dentist

There are a number of divisions or specialties within dentistry, with many people practicing general dentistry, and others choosing to focus on a subcategory with its particular rewards and problems.

Many dental professionals choose family dentistry, which, like general practice, deals with the health of the teeth and oral hygiene. But family dentists may expand their practices by accepting patients of any age, including very young children. That one element makes finding the right place very important.


What to Look For

One of the keys to feeling comfortable with a particular dentist is the service provided for teeth that will be lost as a natural part of growing up (baby teeth) and for the permanent teeth that we all hope to keep throughout our lives.

Of course, many families find the dental professional they will have for life simply by asking neighbors, work colleagues, and friends for suggestions and positive information. There are also listings of different types that can lead to a good partnership between the dentist and the family members.

Many dental offices will encourage a sit-down meeting between the patient and the professional, so that specific issues and problems can be discussed. This comfortable visit may often be made before an “official” appointment. Visiting the office and meeting the staff can be especially important for young children. This will help reduce the fear and stress that often comes with a visit to a new place.


A Local, Professional Partner

If the search is on for a family dentist in Lexington, keep in mind that location may be of great importance. With children, future trips will be more easily made if the office is nearby. Of course, that shouldn’t keep adults from driving a reasonable distance if the most comfortable service is a few miles away.

There is another reason this distance is important. Nearly everyone has heard that they should visit the dentist twice a year, in order to maintain healthy teeth and good oral hygiene. These regular visits should help a patient avoid future problems. If a more serious issue arises, outside of the expertise of the family dentist, he or she can refer the patient to a specialist. Sometimes this specialty is also a part of the dental office menu of services.

An important part of the dental picture is the assistance a professional family dentist can give for preventing problems that mean major work for the experts. Customer service at the best locations will include education on proper brushing techniques, the need for and benefits of flossing, and other methods for maintaining oral hygiene.

The combination of excellent service from your dentist and proper oral hygiene practices at home can mean avoiding dental problems for a lifetime.

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