Find a Tree Service in Spokane to Provide Routine Shrub and Tree Care

The best way to provide adequate care for trees and shrubs to ensure that they remain healthy is to hire a Tree Service in Spokane to take care of them. There’s more to maintaining trees and shrubs than just making sure they get enough water, so most property owners are better off entrusting their care to a professional. Read on to find out about just a few of the tree and shrub care services offered by landscaping professionals in the area.

Pruning and Trimming

Each tree or shrub has slightly different needs when it comes to pruning and trimming. Maintenance pruning must be performed periodically to ensure that they are not growing too large and overtaking other plants, while structural trimming is required throughout the plants’ life cycles to enhance their strength and longevity. Finally, aesthetic pruning and trimming can help to improve the appearance of trees and shrubs.

Weed Control

Like any garden, a shrub bed can fall prey to weed growth. These weeds can deprive otherwise healthy shrubs of valuable nutrients, so it’s important to take steps toward controlling them all year long. In the spring, a shrub-safe herbicide must be applied in either granular or liquid form to stop weeds from breaking through the ground’s surface, while summer applications can seal against new weeds and last through the rest of the growing season.

Pest Control

Like lawns and gardens, shrubs can sometimes be prone to destruction by insect pests. Providing adequate pest control is an essential Tree Service in Spokane that many homeowners neglect, leading to damage to their trees and shrubs that could otherwise be avoided. It’s important to entrust this work to an experienced professional, as only certain pesticides are appropriate for this type of application.

Health Analysis

Finally, even healthy trees and shrubs that are well cared for and currently in perfect shape should be offered a periodic health analysis to ensure that they are not suffering from pests or diseases. Catching these problems early can minimize damage to the rest of the landscape, so periodic professional health analyses should not be neglected.

Get Help Now

Caring for trees and shrubs might be difficult, but finding a landscaping company to provide these valuable services doesn’t have to be. Browse our website for information about one local company that can help.

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