Fighting Against Domestic Violence With An Attorney Angola In Indiana

by | Dec 29, 2015 | Attorneys

Indiana victims of domestic violence are protected under applicable laws. However, when the person who is trusted the most becomes the attacker, the law may need to step in a bit further. Divorce petitioners who are victims have avenues in which they can navigate and get the protection they need now. An Attorney Angola in Indiana gives these victims the assistance they need.

Getting Protection Against an Abusive Spouse

The first step in getting protection is to contact law enforcement and file formal charges. These charges present evidence against the attacker. It is also enough support for the victim to acquire the protection they need. An attorney files a motion to obtain an order of protection. This order provides protection for the victim by restricting access to them. A violation of the terms results in an immediate arrest and additional charges.

Relocation in Extreme Cases

When the victim’s life is in imminent danger, the court could place them and their children in protective custody. The victim and their children are placed in a shelter or safe house. The location of the victim and their family isn’t disclosed in the court proceedings. The attacker’s attorney doesn’t have access to this information. If the victim or their children are discovered, they are relocated immediately.

Managing Both Cases

Attorneys that practice in divorce and criminal law help the victim on both sides of the legal spectrum. They represent them in the divorce case and help them finalize these proceedings. They also present clear evidence of their attack and the domestic violence allegations.

Extending the Protection Order

After the divorce, the judge may extend the protection order. If the attacker’s actions are extreme, the court may terminate their parental rights. When this happens, the protection order prevents them from having an access to their children or their former spouse.

Indiana victims of domestic violence acquire protection through the court. The judge may grant a protection order to prevent additional harm by their attacker. The victim must report any attempts made by their attacker to law enforcement. Petitioners who need help through an Attorney Angola in Indiana should contact Grimm & Grimm or Visit the Website now.

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