Experiencing the Genuine Flavor of Spanish Food

Many people love digging in to new and unique food, while others are a bit more conservative in their tastes and will stick with what they are familiar with. It’s almost a bit of a requirement that residents and visitors to Texas experience some authentic Spanish cuisine, music, and entertainment to get a real feel for what the state and its many residents has to offer. The state itself carries a wide range of long histories when it comes to both food and music styles, but the two most popular are authentic Spanish and Tex-Mex. While many people may assume these cuisines are extremely hot or spicy, you can find a vast range of creations which will suit any palette. Whether you are more of a mild spice kind of person, want a little bit of a zest, or are looking for a mouthful of fire you can usually find ways to customize your order to suit your taste.

Authentic Spanish Cuisine

When you’re looking for some of the best Spanish food in Houston TX, you may be faced with names you are unfamiliar with. Not every adventurous foodie understands the various languages used in naming some delicious cuisine. It may be somewhat of a hit and miss until you get a basic grasp of the language, so if you’re not confident enough to just order something and give it a try, you can always ask for an explanation of the dish before you order. For example, “Ensalada de ronda” is very similar to a Caesar salad complete with romaine lettuce hearts, beets, and chorizo. “Gambas a la brasa” is another common menu item, but it may not appeal to everyone as it is grilled shrimp on a bed of rice with a zesty orange sauce.

Don’t Forget to Enjoy Dessert

Spanish cuisine includes some amazing dessert items including flan, hazelnut gelato, poached apple topped with cinnamon and almonds, chocolate mousse cake, and many other mouth-watering creations. If you want to get a taste of Spain, don’t overlook the arroz con leche, a thick and delicious rice pudding which offers the notable flavors of cinnamon and raisins. Or if you are addicted to cake and creamy goodness, try the tres leches, a chilled dessert cake that is so tasty! Just browsing a menu at any authentic Spanish restaurant in Texas can give you a great glimpse into familiar and unfamiliar dishes. Be adventurous and give something new a try. It could end up being your new favorite food!


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