Experience paradise – it’s easier than you think

It is difficult to conjure up a more perfect location in the mind’s eye than a tropical island. When you’re surrounded by the hustle and bustle of a busy life with endless deadlines and traffic congestion, you may sit back with closed eyes and imagine a paradise that has year-round temperate weather, azure seas and skies, and powdery white sand that stretches for miles. You might hear palm fronds touching gently as the wind stirs them and imagine yourself in this nirvana, just until you need to return to reality.

In truth, though, places such as this can be found in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and for a lot less money than you might imagine. It could well be that your dream could become a reality. You too might be able to lie back on one of those exotic beaches, while watching the sun sink low on the horizon of a magnificent ocean.

What is special about the BVI?

One of the best things about the BVI is that it isn’t over-run by tourists. For people who don’t want to be crammed onto a beach along with thousands of other holiday-makers, this is an enormous plus. After all, if you’re escaping the rat-race, being cheek by jowl with endless people sight-seeing is probably not for you. The islands do have a large tourist population, especially when the cruise ships come into harbor, but it’s still very possible to escape the crowds and to find a patch of sand that you can call your very own beach. Should you want to spend time with people, you have only to enter the towns and villages to be exposed to a vibrant island life, which is surely why you would travel to a foreign destination after all.

The BVI is idyllic in every way. The very names of the beaches, such as Smuggler’s Cove and Brandywine Bay, conjure up romance and an atmosphere of excitement and intrigue. These tranquil surroundings will act as the balm for any soul, and you will be able to set the pace of each day depending on your mood. The best thing about staying on the islands is the range of Caribbean luxury villas that are available. While staying in one of the many hotels is an option, the villas will provide the feeling of being a local. You’ll be able to imagine that you’re spending time in your own beautiful home, with its commanding views of the blue seas and the verdant green islands dotted around the horizon.

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