Everything You Need to Know About Three Phase Buck Boost Transformers

by | Jul 5, 2016 | Electronics and Electrical

Transformers are generally used for altering the voltage through alternating current equipment. There are many different kinds of transformers that you can buy in the market, including step-up, step-down and buck boost transformers. A buck boost transformer is designed to make alterations in the voltage of equipment that uses alternating current. Buck boost transformers are used in a variety of different applications. They are most commonly used in uninterruptible power supply units that are designed specifically for use with computers, and for tanning beds.


Unlike conventional transformers, three phase buck boost transformers are primarily used in order to power low voltage circuits, such as light control circuits, and other applications that use up to 48 volts of electricity. An isolating transformer is connected along with three phase buck boost transformers in order to power it. Alongside, the kVa rating is mentioned, which highlights the capacity of the transformer.


Three phase buck boost transformers are used in places where the amount of boost or buck is primarily fixed. For instance, fixed boost transformers are usually used when connecting equipment is rated for 230 V AC up to 208 V.  All types of buck boost transformers are compatible only with alternating current. They cannot alter the frequency, only the voltage. It’s important to note that certain equipment which only uses synchronous motors will operate at completely different speeds, especially if they are set at any other frequency than its design frequency. Buck boost transformers are generally available from specialist hardware stores. You will have to provide the specifications of the transformers before making a purchase. The prices vary, depending upon the brand and the size of the transformer itself.

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