Essential Considerations For Storage Units In Birmingham, AL

by | Feb 19, 2016 | Moving

Whether people need storage for a few weeks, a few months or even years, finding the right storage units in Birmingham, AL to safely keep items is an important factor for anyone.

Unfortunately, not all storage units are the same. Too often when people fail to consider the impact of using the cheap, low-cost options they find out that damage to their items is not covered, and they are simply on their own. This is not the case with professionally operated and managed facilities where careful, climate controlled storage is always provided.

To help consumers to understand the differences in storage units in Birmingham, AL, let’s review the options and the pros and cons of each.


Self-storage is the lowest cost option, but it also comes with absolutely no services other than rudimentary security in most locations. This security usually involves a card-type of gate access and locks on the individual units.

In some cases, self-storage may have doors to the exterior, similar to your garage. Others may have interior access to the storage, which is often an extra layer of protection against theft.

These storage units may or may not have fire detection equipment, and they typically do not provide any insurance coverage for significant items. Your homeowners insurance may cover up to a specific amount of the value of the items damaged in storage, which is at best 10 percent.

Managed Storage Facilities

Managed storage units, either by private companies or moving companies, tend to be more costly than self-storage, but they offer a lot more benefits. With a moving company, they will come and pack your items, if you choose, and move them into your individual, private storage vault.

Then, when you need them, you simply call the moving company and they will remove your possessions from their storage units and deliver them to the address you provide. Additionally, while in storage, these items will be carefully wrapped and packed, and they will have the insurance coverage and valuation protection you choose.

While in these storage units, your property will be under full security. This includes closed circuit cameras, security alarms, employee only access to the facility and full fire detection and suppression systems.

When you compare the costs, and the risks, of these options, choosing storage units offered by a moving and storage company is the best option. Not only are your items safe, but you have the convenience of professional movers whenever you need them.

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