driveway gate installation: the dos and don’ts

Driveway gates look all glamorous and elegant after they have been installed, but a lot of thought and work goes into it. Think, for instance, about the swing type driveway gates. Most of them are mounted on ground that is not necessarily level, and extend several inches away from their hinges. They therefore have to contend with challenges like ground that expands and contracts, as well as seasonal climate change. They also have to withstand the elements like heavy rain and winds. Most importantly, though, they have to be able to open and close reliably.


Fences that are situated on slopes are a problem for those looking to install driveway gates in Los Angeles. If your fence is on a slope, then forget about the swing gating option. The best option is a sliding gate that will run parallel to the fence. Unfortunately, you will not be able to add a pedestrian gate on the side like most people want, and there will likely be some misalignment issues after repeated opening and closing given the sloping. For a gate that is too wide, there might be need for additional reinforcing pillars to eliminate the danger of misalignment due to expansion or contraction of the ground.

Post construction

The post-construction period in driveway gate construction is just as important as the actual construction. Consider having a core of cement block after the construction regardless of the exterior. Natural stone is another recommended option since it fits in with the exterior and maintains the natural look even after weathering. Pre-cast concrete will almost always deteriorate with time. This is why natural stone remains the preferred choice even for the rest of the post. Another alternative, which is favored for its price, is stucco, which can always be repainted over after some time to retain the fresh look.

Size and weight of the gate also matter a lot. Think about this when choosing the material to use for the latches and locks. For instance, aluminum latches might bend easily after repeated opening and closing, warping to the extent they will no longer shut.

Driveway gate selection requires the careful consideration of factors like security, terrain, material weight and price. Whatever your preferences are, you will find something just right for you at Ziegler. Call us or visit our website for more information.

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