Do You Need an Ant Control Expert?

An ant invasion might not seem like much at first. Just a few ants here or there, crawling on the floor next to a bathtub or climbing on the wall in a food pantry. Hiring an Ant Control expert might appear to be overkill. Ants, however, live in colonies, and a single colony can include 400,000 members or more. Whenever ants find a food or water source, they leave a scent trail for other ants to follow. Soon a few ants in a house can become a few hundred or even a few thousand. All these ants will march into a home to look for more food or water, causing a major nuisance, and ants can be one of the hardest pests to get rid of.

How an Ant Invasion Begins
Once a queen ant decides to build a colony in a yard, she’ll first find a suitable location. Perhaps she’ll just make a hole in the ground. Or perhaps she’ll take advantage of a log or the inside of a wall. After she mates, she’ll start laying eggs, and the colony will begin growing as the eggs hatch. The more the colony grows, the more food and water it will need. That’s when ants are likely to find a way into a home through tiny cracks, discover a good source of food or water, and put down scent trails for other ants to follow. The colony will have many ants ready to harvest what’s been found in a house so that they can keep nourishing their ever-growing numbers.

How to Deal with an Ant Invasion
Because an ant colony can contain numerous ants and may last for years, it’s important to deal with the problem fast. Most do-it-yourself methods are ineffective. They’ll kill some of the ants that come into the house, but the colony can keep sending more ants. The most effective Ant Control methods target the colony itself and its queen, to cut off the flow of ants at its source. A pest control expert can determine the right way to deal with any ant problem and make sure to exterminate the whole colony, not just some of the ants that come into a house. Visit us to learn more about how to stop an ant invasion.

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