Different Ways That a Living Room Wallcovering Is Created

Wallcoverings are rolled out sheets that cover walls in homes and offices. People use these coverings to protect their walls from damage or to bring artistic designs into the room. There is more than one type of living room wallcovering available on the market. Consumers are encouraged to research the different types before they buy.


Cork is flexible, buoyant, waterproof, and fire resistant, so it is one of the strongest and most durable materials around. A cork wallcovering is thin enough to cover an entire wall and strong enough to protect it from scratches and cracks.

The strength and thickness of cork make it an ideal product for sound and heat insulation. Home owners use the coverings to adorn their walls and floors along with the ceilings. Also, the extraction of cork is sustainable, and the material is found to be nontoxic, non-allergenic and safe for widespread use.


Embroidered wallcoverings consist of simple to elaborate designs that are embroidered onto the surface. It is the painstaking art of using needle and thread to create designs on cloth. Today, modern embroidery is accomplished with the use of digital software and computer-operated machines. Large sheets of embroidered wall coverings are created using this method.

Embroidered textiles are known for the raised textures along with the intricate designs. Designers use a variety of fabrics and yarns to create their decorations, including the most common ones: cotton, silk, wool, and linen. In some wallcoverings, they stitch different accessories into the designs, such as metal, beads, and ribbons.


Wallpaper is the easiest type of wallcovering to create and install by hand. Wallpaper comes in all different colours and looks with the floral design being the most popular. However, there are some types of wallpaper that people may not have noticed before. People can buy metallic wallpaper that reflects the light coming into the room. Also, they can invest in wallpaper the same way they invest in paintings.

Fabric wallpaper consists of fabrics, such as wool or silk, which are used to improve the texture of solid walls. Asian-themed wallpaper includes the use of traditional Chinese or Middle Eastern patterns.

Wallcoverings are made of the most popular materials used in the world today. The textures and styles vary, but all coverings share the same qualities, since consumers want the same types of products. They want coverings that are strong, durable, and last for decades after the installation. They want to decorate the entirety of the wall and protect the surface from damage. Lastly, the product should be easy to install and secure onto any surface. For these buyers, there is more than one type of living room wallcovering that has all of these qualities and more.

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