A Chiropractor Offers Natural Remedies for Pain

When a person suffers from Back And Neck Pain in Colorado Springs, they most often ask their doctor for pain medications. Though pain medications are helpful in overcoming any immediate pain a person is feeling, they do nothing to heal the underlying issues. Unfortunately, pain medication can be risky and can lead to health concerns and even addiction. It behooves a person to seek a healthier approach to treatment through chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care offers a natural approach to treating back and neck pain whether they are caused by a fall, car accident, or due to improper standing or sitting posture. The first goal of chiropractic is to learn the underlying cause of the pain. It is important the pain cause is found so that it can be properly treated. Often, neck and back pain are caused by subluxations in the spine. Subluxations occur when the bones of the spine come out of alignment and begin to press on the surrounding soft tissues. Unfortunately, these bones often compress the nerves branching from the spine, leading to pain and mobility issues.

The doctor can treat patients for subluxations and soft tissue injuries. If subluxations are causing the neck and back pain, the doctor can perform chiropractic manoeuvres to move the bones back into their original positions, so they are no longer pressing on the nerves and causing pain or miscommunication in the nerve signals being sent. This is crucial for ensuring nerve damage does not occur.

This method of treatment helps patients to avoid dangerous pain medications by allowing them to find natural pain relief. The process takes time because the soft tissues need to heal before they can successfully hold the bones in place. After the spine and soft tissues have properly healed, maintenance chiropractic treatments can work to keep the spine healthy and strong.

If you are suffering from back and neck pain and are tired of relying on risky pain medications, contact the office of Brian C. Helland D.C. He and his staff will be happy to treat your painful condition and help you to find natural, lasting relief.

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