Different Kinds of Roofing Materials From Roofers in Naples, FL

by | Oct 14, 2013 | Roofing

National Roofing of Collier Inc. are roofing contractors in the Naples, Florida area who run a family-owned business. Three generations are working for the company. While some Roofers in Naples, FL call in sub-contractors to help on a job, National Roofing does not. They stand by their workmanship and experience, and they offer free estimates in the Naples area.

One of the roofing products they offer is roofing made of cement or concrete tiles. Now, just because these shingles are made of cement doesn’t mean they look industrial. They can be manufactured to look very similar to wooden shingles. Because of the concrete, they last a long time and they are flame resistant, although some products may have a plastic component. Unlike wood, they can’t rot, and they can’t be damaged by insects. These benefits make cement roofing materials more expensive, but then again, the roof will last longer.

Roofers in Naples, FL are doing more and more residential roofs now in metal, which is a material previously used primarily on businesses and farm buildings. These roofs come in a variety of colors like green and copper. They can be installed in large sheets, and the long, vertical ridges, which are the metal seams, provide visual interest and draw the line along the sleek roof line. They also are available in small shingles that look like wooden shake shingles. Metal roofs are flame-retardant and they hold up well over a long time. They don’t get dented by hail and animals can’t damage them.

Tile roofs are used in southern and southwest climates because of the tiles are good for keeping the house cool under blistering heat. They are used in both Southwestern and Mediterranean house designs. Red is the traditional color, but they come in different colors, too. A tile roof just might last longer than the house. These roofs are durable in the elements, can’t be chewed by animals, won’t rot, and can’t burn. Tile is a more expensive material, and, like all tile, the pieces are fragile, so anyone other than your Roofers in Naples, FL will need to take care when walking on the roof to clean out the fireplace.

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