Custom Extrusions Or Standard Shapes

When it comes to fabricating or using aluminum in any type of building, manufacturing, construction, component design or any other type of application, you have the option to consider either standard shapes or standard extrusions as well as custom extrusions.

The way that these two options are made is similar, other than custom extrusions require a die that is custom designed to create the unique shape required. As there is the need to develop the die and run specific production cycles, the use of a custom shape or extrusion over a standard is slightly higher.

Although the cost is slightly higher, there are definite benefits to choosing custom extrusions over trying to use or accommodate for the standard shapes. These can include channels, angles, rods, bars and face nosing or bar nosing, and these standards shapes come in a range of different sizes and even different alloys for various applications.

Prevents Additional Time and Labor

When choosing custom extrusions over standard extrusions, there is a time and labor saving factor. If standard shapes need to be re-worked, welded or formed to be used, it is going to take time on the job site and add to the length of the job and the need for additional labor to complete the modifications.

There is also no additional work required on the extrusion from the time it arrives at you location to the time it can be used in any application. It also cuts down on the potential number of parts that may be required to create a specific shape.

No Waste

Additionally, even with the best and most experienced fabricators, there is going to be more waste when there are adjustments or modifications made to a standard shape. Remember, when buying custom extrusions you can have completely uniform parts with each production run, ensuring all parts are fully compatible with the job they are designed for.

With little waste, this also results in a lower cost of the project. Less time, less labor, no waste and with parts that arrive ready to use the project is much easier. There won’t be any unforeseen delays due to the parts or the fabrication of the aluminum components, something that is also certainly worth considering on small and large jobs.

There is really no limit on the options in shape and features of custom extrusions. Talking to a custom extruder is often the best way to determine the cost and the best designs options of the specific shape required.

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