The Direct Vent Gas Fireplace – Some Benefits Explained

When looking into purchasing a fireplace for you home you will find different types including wood burning fireplaces and gas fireplaces. The level of maintenance you want to put into the fireplace will determine which type you decide to purchase. If you decide to purchase a gas fireplace you may want to look into direct vent gas fireplaces.

A direct vent gas fireplace utilizes outside air for the fire rather than using air from your home. The gas from the fire is then able to be vented through a wall or ceiling in your home.

What are the Benefits?

There are many perks to purchasing a direct vent gas fireplace, both regarding the safety of your home and also the convenience that the gas fireplace offers over a wood burning fireplace. Below are some extra benefits that will make your gas fireplace worth the purchase.

* Gas fireplaces create a better burn compared to wood burning fireplaces. Usually you will be able to control the temperature that you want your gas fireplace set on, allowing you the feel as comfortable as possible in your home.

* Gas fireplaces are safer than traditional wood burning fireplaces. The system that was created for gas fireplaces, especially direct vent gas fireplaces, creates safer air quality in your home. A wood burning fireplace has the potential to release soot and ash into your homes air, compromising the safety of children and pets.

* Gas fireplaces are efficient. You are able to control the temperature of your fireplace, allowing you to decide how often your fireplace comes on. This will allow you to save on the amount of gas used on your fireplace, saving you money in the long run.

How Do I Know Which Model is Right for Me?

Choosing the right model for your home and needs can be a difficult decision. Below are some tips to help you decide on the model that is best for you.

* Look into vent types. A direct vent gas fireplace is the most practical choice for efficiency and overall health safety.
* Look into what fuel type will work best for you. Again, this is typically based off of the existing fuel lines that are in your home.
* Choose the right size for your home. Making sure your fireplace is a good fit for your room will help your home to look its best.

As noted above, the direct vent gas fireplace offers some particular advantages. Taking all of the features and benefits mentioned above into account should help you make a decision about which type of fireplace and model is right for your home.

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