Custom Crate Options in Milwaukee

Some manufacturers and distributors face problems today when it comes to shipping. For example, they try to save money by using cheap and inexpensive containers, and end up with a lot of complaints and damage claims. It only takes one damaged shipment to lose a customer and it can be almost impossible to win these customers back once they have been turned off. This is why many Milwaukee businesses are turning to custom crate manufacturers for the best shipping containers. Here are some of the many options you will find.

Crates or Boxes?

Some people believe the term “crates and “boxes” are interchangeable but this is not the case. Both are very similar and this is why the two are often confused. With boxes, capacity is rated without the top installed. However, crates are rated with the top in position.


These shipping containers are basically frames which are often used for moving heavy machinery or equipment. They would not be suitable for small items or things which are considered to be fragile. For example, in Milwaukee you may see large HVAC units, bicycles, tractors and other bulky things shipped in this manner.


A custom crate can be an open design and this is very common. The side boards are installed with gaps in between them. This serves several purposes, for example:

 * The spaces allow for airflow and this is perfect for materials which require ventilation. Produce is often shipped in this manner.

 * Some materials must be inspected routinely and when there is ample room between boards, it is a simple matter to check to see what is inside the shipping container and see if everything is still intact.

 * By allowing space between each board, it takes fewer boards to make a custom crate and this helps to cut costs.


Closed crates are made so there are no gaps. This helps to keep materials from spilling or becoming loose and misplaced. It takes more material and skill to make one of these containers, so the cost in Milwaukee is usually greater than open containers.

Stitched Construction

Stitched containers are easy to build and inexpensive. They are basically made from thin boards stitched together. Because they are inexpensive they are usually “one use” containers. Some have wire supporting the side boards together for extra support. The wire is made from strong gauge steel and helps to keep the sides from collapsing. This works well for things like auto parts, and these containers are often referred to as “wire bound” crates.

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