Credit Card Processing Today

Computer-based Processing – Automatic transaction updates to any practice management system – Fully encrypted transactions to protect patient information – Secure Signature Capture – Secure Mobile Processing – EMV Ready-PCI Compliant-HIPAA Secure

Yes, processing credit cards has really come a long way from the OLD “knuckle buster” manual imprint machines. It has even traveled leaps and bounds from ordinary point-of-sale terminal processing.

Driven by both government regulation and consumer demand, we now have technology which we would have never dreamed of just a few years ago. Of course, processing with the point-of-sale terminal is still a very viable and functional method of accepting credit cards. However, with the advent of practice management software, there was a need to develop a so called “integrated” solution for doctor’s offices. We now have the ability to process your credit card transactions and have the payment automatically update to the patient ledger in ANY practice management system…and do it far better, safer and less expensively than the processing option which is already built into the practice management software. For a busy office, eliminating the need to double enter a transaction can be a critical timesaver. This technology even allows you to set up automatic billing to your patient’s credit card for ongoing treatment or payment plans.

Add to this “mobile” processing which gives you the ability to process a completely secure credit card transaction from your smart phone, as well as the ability for your patient’s to log on to your website to make a payment, and it will seem as if you have leaped a century in technology.

Now, with all of this advanced technology, you may fear that the security of patient’s credit card information may be compromised. Nothing could be further from the truth. These new systems are all EMV ready, PCI compliant and HIPAA secure. They also instantly convert the card number to an algorithm so that the number is encrypted all the way to the processor so that no outside source could ever fraudulently obtain your patient’s card information! Compare that to the old slips which had all of the information on them for anyone to see and you will realize that processing has become safer than ever before. This is particularly a critical concern for a doctor’s office because a credit card processing security breach will, more than likely, be seen as a HIPAA breach since patient information was leaked.

Today’s credit card processing has actually kept up with today’s advanced healthcare technology…you just may not have known it!

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