Creative Ways To Commemorate Your Wedding Day

The day you walk down the aisle is one full of incredible memories you’ll want to hold close forever. Pictures will help you remember every moment, but what if you want more than just images? There are plenty of creative ways to commemorate your wedding day, like capturing guest sentiments via video booth rental or having your guests create a memento to display in your new home. Peruse these wedding commemoration ideas and see if any strike your fancy.

Create a Video Guest Book

A video guest book is a modern spin on the traditional guest book. The latter involves your guests signing their name to a book to remind you who shared this joyous day with you. A video guest book takes it a step further, by adding a live-action component. Spring for a video booth rental and your guests can toast you in an extra personal way.

Have Guests Create a Keepsake

Bring the well-wishes of your wedding guests into your new home by having them create a couple’s keepsake. Fun ideas include having your guests use art pens to sign a large plaque to hang in your home. Another fun idea: Have your guests write down date night suggestions. Later, compile them into a book and use them to keep things exciting and remember how much support you felt on your wedding day.

Build a Wedding Calendar

It’s hard to remember in this digital age, but picture calendars have long been a popular method of remembering important events. Work with your wedding photographer to find a diverse blend of couple shots and guest shots and get them made into a calendar at a stationary store. You’ll end up with 12 months of amazing memories.

A wedding marks a beautiful life transition that you’ll always want to remember. Whether it’s video booth rental or pictorial calendars, these ideas are certain to help you memorialize your big day in a unique way.

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