5 Creative Wedding Guestbook Ideas

Your wedding day is one of the biggest and most important moments of your life, and leaving out a guestbook for your guests to sign is one way to help you gather the memories from that special day.

Here are five ways to switch it up and move away from traditional guestbook formats, while also engaging your guests:

1. Personalized mementos

If you and your partner-to-be have a location of great importance to you and your relationship, you might want to choose associated mementos for your guests to sign. For example, shells from a particular beach, polished stones from a certain park, or even just images and photos from favorite places you’ve frequented during your time together.

2. Messages in a bottle

Leave out slips of paper for your guests to sign, roll up, and stick into a large bottle. You can ask for date night ideas, well wishes, or their favorite memories with the two of you. Or, just let your guests get creative and submit whatever they’d like!

3. Turn your guests into artists

Setting up a large canvas on an easel with an assortment of colored markers or pencils gives your guests a chance to get artistic. Not only are drawing and writing on a canvas fun and engaging, but you’ll also have a personalized piece of “art” to hold onto, covered in memories and messages from your closest friends and family.

4. Personalize your favorite game

If you and your partner are tabletop gamers (or just have a favorite game) why not leave a board out for guests to sign? You’ll have your own personalized version of a favorite game, and you’ll be able to re-visit your wedding memories every time you play.

5. Photo or video guestbook

Just because you hire a professional photographer doesn’t mean the photos stop there. Let your guests take their own funny photos for you to remember them by (or for them to take home!). A photo booth gives your guests something fun to do while they socialize, and some photo booths are even video-equipped. Find a company like ISH Events who can rent out a wedding photo booth that doubles as a video guestbook. Encourage guests to enter the booth and film their own messages for you to watch later—and whenever you wish after that.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Get creative with your wedding guestbook, and you’ll give your guests the opportunity to have some fun while they create cherished, lasting memories of your special day.

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