Come To Terms With Your Loss Through Grief Support Online

Grief is defined as “keen mental suffering or distress over affliction or loss.” Though the definition is the same universally, no two people experience it in quite the same way. How people cope with the pain and express it outwardly is also likely to vary a bit even among those sharing the loss of the same person. After all, the death of one person’s spouse is that of another’s son or daughter and yet another’s parent, friend, or sibling.

While the grieving process is somewhat diverse, decades ago, psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübeer-Ross identified five distinct phases most people suffering a loss tend to experience. Grief Support Online addresses each of these. Although life-altering scenarios may not impact you in the same way it does others, you’re bound to face the following sentiments defined by this pioneer in her field.

     *     Denial:

     *     This is typically the initial feeling shared by those who’ve lost someone close. It’s the point at which you wake up each morning essentially forgetting anything has changed. For a moment, you imagine yourself carrying on as if nothing happened only to slowly return to the realization your loved one is no longer with you.

     *     Anger:

     *     In many cases, this is the strongest of the five stages. Once it tightens its grip, you may find yourself searching for someone to blame and dwelling on the unfairness of your loss.

     *     Bargaining:

     *     Whether through prayer or directed at external sources, bargaining involves trying to find ways to reverse the situation. Though those affected realize bringing their loved ones back isn’t possible, this vague sense of false hope often helps them deal with the pain.

     *     Depression:

Coming in the form of both emotional and physical symptoms, those left behind tend to shut down at some point during the grieving process. They may withdraw from others, stop eating, and exhibit any number of other signs associated with depression.

     *     Acceptance:

     *     Though it may not seem plausible in the beginning, you’ll eventually come to terms with your loss and find the inner peace you need to move on with your life.

With Grief Support Online, you can make your way through each of these steps. Whereas the process takes a matter of days or weeks for some, others suffer for years before finding complete solace. If you need help dealing with your grief, visit for an extensive list of resources available to you. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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