Choosing the best heavy equipment rental in Ottawa

by | Jan 20, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

When the job you’re faced with requires heavy equipment rental in Ottawa it is important that the job that needs doing as well as the possible rental agencies be taken into account first-off. To the novice it may appear that much of the heavy equipment that is being used is the same or at least similar, this is far from the truth; each job requires a piece of specific equipment if the job is to be done right and within budget. Once the decision has been made as to what you will need and how long you will need it take this information and canvas the various rental companies. In many cases the agency will offer a discount if the rental is for more than a day or if the rental was made with an advance reservation.

The most obvious factor that must be taken into account is the job that needs to be done as well as where the job site is located. The variety of machines that are available as best heavy equipment rental in Ottawa is quite broad and can range from small tractors to large bulldozers and backhoes. The correct choice is all dependent on the job that needs doing. There are small tractors today which have a myriad of different attachments that can be fitted, each attachment ideal for a different job. If you are faced with the need to perform several different jobs, these tractors are often ideal as they can easily dig a trench or move heavy objects around a job site.

The job site is also important when deciding what heavy equipment you need to rent. If the site is wet and muddy, logic says that a tracked machine will fare better; conversely if the site is dry and quite level a wheeled machine will be ideal.

The machine and the job site are of primary importance but the time that the machine needs to remain on rental is also important; making all the decisions ahead of time means that the equipment will be available when you want it and for the length of time that you will be using it. In many cases the longer the rental period the more attractive the day rate will be as the owner is not having to constantly deliver and pick-up the equipment and they are assured of cash flow.

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