Choosing Pipe Threading Services

For large orders or big projects, having the advantage of using professional pipe threading services saves both time and money on the job. By using a company providing not only the pipe required but also other fittings you can streamline your order. The fact the company will also make sure the pipe arrives already threaded and ready to use is a benefit well worth consideration.

When you utilize a pipe company offering pipe threading, there are several different factors to consider. First, and perhaps most important, by pre-ordering the pipe to arrive already threaded you save the time of having one or more of the crew standing around threading pipe.

However, besides this obvious time and cost saving issue, there is also the issue of the specific equipment used. If you order pipe threading from the company supplying the pipe you don’t need to buy or rent the necessary equipment. Keep in mind that dies and parts for a threading machine will need regular replacing and maintenance, which is a cost consideration.

Waste Considerations

Without a professional pipe threading setup and equipment there can be a considerable amount of waste. In addition, when custom ordering particular pipe types and sizes this waste can add up to a significant cost factor in the project.

Instead, by having the company supplying the pipe complete the pipe threading to your specification, or to industry standards, there is no waste with the order. Each piece of pipe received is not only cut but also threaded to your specific requirements.

Leak Proof Pipes

When choosing between on-site and commercially available pipe threading it is also essential to consider the risk of leaks when connecting pipes. By using a top pipe supplier, you can virtually eliminate the concern of leaks due to problems with threading.

Preventing leaks is important regardless of the design of the pipe system. This includes pipes uses for oil and gas, stream, hydraulic fluid, chemicals or liquid products of any type. Be sure the company providing the pipe threading service is using the NPT (National Pipe Thread) tapered or NPS straight standards.

Before placing an order for steel pipe or pipe or any materials, be sure to ask about services offered if this is a concern. The best company will provide pipe threading based on ANSI/ASME standards to ensure you get just the product you need for any job, big or small.

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