Choosing Landscape Adhesive Products

Your home protects you and your family from the elements, and your landscaping adds beauty and value to the exterior. But what keeps everything together when your landscaping includes the use of bricks and other stone elements? The answer is specialty adhesives.

Capabilities of Quality Landscape Adhesives

In creating design outdoor spaces, the reality is that any adherent you use has to be stable, able to adapt to both heat and cold, water- and weather-resistant, and, ideally, strong enough to hold fast to many types of exterior materials. When choosing a landscape adhesive, the best products won’t just save you time and money, they will be easy to use, durable, long-lasting, and of course, able to withstand moisture and rapidly changing weather conditions.

The Big Picture on Costs and Labor

The cost of a landscape adhesive product has to factor in not only the cost of the supplies but the amount of time and work required to use it. So the amount of product has to be valued, but so does the amount of waste, the drying times, and the limits, if any, on the weather conditions in which it can be applied. To get a sense of the value of a product, you will have to compare it to existing alternatives and find what works best for you.

Compared to Caulk

The traditional back-breaking caulk adhesives are both physically demanding and grueling to apply as well as expensive and take a great deal of product to work. Then there are the extended drying times as well as the risk that over time, moisture will have a strong negative impact on the adhesion and the effectiveness of the products.

Modern Landscape Adhesives

Currently, there are new gel-based adhesives that offer the added benefits of being able to fill and seal cracks, expanding to create improved water and weather resistance. Gel adhesives are far more flexible when it comes to temperatures for application and forgiving of cold weather conditions. They are also extremely efficient, and a single can of gel adhesive can be exchanged for a dozen (that’s right, up to 12) 10-ounce caulk cartridges. That is significant saving. Gel adhesives also dry faster, so they save you both time and money.

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