Choosing Employment Lawyers New Jersey What you should know about Fees and Charges

by | Dec 16, 2013 | Attorneys

Cost is undoubtedly one of the biggest factors to consider when choosing employment lawyers New Jersey. You should know that employment lawyers charge fees depending on several factors. These include reputation, experience and even success rate. The secret to choosing an affordable lawyer is to compare the charges of three or four lawyers. There are several other things you should know about employment lawyers’ fees and charges.

First, when it comes to consultation, you should know that while some employment lawyers charge for their services, others do not. To avoid surprises, it is important that you find this out before booking a meeting. You should also inquire if you should pay the consultation fee before or after the meeting and what modes of payment are accepted. It is worth noting that you are still expected the consultation fee even if the lawyer tells you that your case is not strong enough and therefore not worth pursuing. It is therefore important that you go prepared for any outcome.

Once you decide to work with employment lawyers, you should ask if they charge by the hour or contingency fees. Employment lawyers who charge hourly fees usually also charge retainer fees. The retainer is essentially a down payment. It covers expected costs and fees. Depending on the complexity of the case, the retainer can be anything from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. On the other hand, lawyers who charge contingency fees are only pad if they win the case. Contingency means the attorney’s fees are contingent upon him getting money from you. This could be through the lawyer settling or winning your case. Usually the contingency fee is 30%of what you get.

So what happens when you lose the case? How does the lawyer get paid? Ultimately, this depends on the agreement you had with the lawyer. If you were working with an employment lawyer who charges hourly fees, you will be required to pay for all fees that are still due after the case has ended. Conversely, if the lawyer was working on contingency basis, you will not be paying any fee rather for the out-of pocket expenses.

It is worth noting that the employment lawyers may end up receiving more money than you. This is because their fees are based on how long they have worked to help you win your case. On the other hand, your recovery is based on what you lost as a result of wrongful conduct by your employer.

When choosing employment lawyers New Jersey, it is important to consider the charges and fees. Choose lawyers who charge contingency fees because you will only pay if they win the case. Comparing fees is a sure way to choose the most affordable.

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