Choosing Companies For Custom Belly Dump Trailers

There are several different styles of bottom or belly dump trailers available and for many applications and jobs these trailers will do everything required. However, for special types of uses custom belly dump trailers may be the best option to consider.

Depending on the type of work you need to trailer to do you may need to look for custom belly dump trailers with special axle versions or with two bins to accommodate two different types of materials in one load. Different configurations may also make easy work of hauling and delivering any type of granular type of material from fine sand to stone, concrete, asphalt or aggregate materials.

The Starting Point

When you are considering custom belly dump trailers for your hauling needs your first place to start should be to choose a highly reputable trailer company. This means the company has at least one to two decades in the customer trailer business. If you can find a company with more you can be assured of a good experienced.

Most of the top companies offering custom belly dump trailers will have lots of information online about their company and their trailers. This includes the standard specifications on their trailers and the aspects of the trailers which are eligible for customization.

Companies today are trying out new designs and new materials in trailers to create lightweight, stronger and higher capacity trailers. These companies are on the cutting edge of design and can offer some amazing customization options to increase the efficiency of the trailer for any job.


Having the experience in not just manufacturing but planning and designing is another aspect to consider. Not all trailer companies have the expertise and ability to design and develop structurally sound and durable custom belly dump trailers.

Taking the time to talk personally with the design or support team for any company being considered to manufacture custom belly dump trailers is essential. Ask questions about their experience and expertise as well as their years in business.

It is also important to ask for the names of a few past customers. This will allow you to speak directly to another person ordering custom belly dump trailers and get a good picture of their experience both in working with the company as well as with the final product.

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