Don’t Simply Agree – Find the Answers You Need From a Divorce Lawyer in Waukesha, WI

by | Apr 1, 2015 | Lawyers

Divorce is not an easy process, and it can be overwhelming when trying to ensure that your needs and those of your children are met while dealing with the emotional fallout divorce can bring. You may be inclined to simply agree with your soon to be ex to ward off conflict and speed the process along, but you must remember that what you are agreeing to now may not be what is the best for you in the future. Working with a divorce lawyer in Waukesha WI area, can help you look beyond your hurt and anger, see the bigger picture, and ensure that your settlement and custody agreements are beneficial for everyone.

The first step in a divorce is filing the paperwork to start the process. This includes the need to have copies of the paperwork served to your spouse, and may include the need for a process server or other legal steps, especially if you and your spouse are not in agreement about the divorce taking place. A lawyer can help you complete the paperwork, guide you in ensuring that your spouse is served in a timely manner, and make sure you have the required documentation to move forward in the process.

Whether you choose a non-litigation procedure for your divorce, such as mediation or collaborative divorce or find yourself facing off in a courtroom against your former spouse, you can rest assured that guidance from a Divorce Lawyer can provide you with the support you need. Your lawyer will be able to explain all the aspects of the law and help you gather the financial and possible legal information you need to support your requests. Decisions such as division of property, spousal support, and arrangements for child custody and support are often difficult. Having a clear understanding of the laws in your state will help you draft a divorce plan that is fair and equitable for all involved.

If you are facing the end of your marriage and seeking answers for what is next, contact a Divorce Lawyer in Waukesha WI, today. Don’t let fear or anger keep you from getting what you deserve.


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