Child Support Collections and the Effects of Deportation

Chicago is a sanctuary city, something that has been emphasized by Mayor Rahm Emanuel. This means that ICE agents who are looking to deport people living in the city illegally will receive little help from the police department or sheriff’s office. But what happens if a child lives in Chicago, but their parent who pays child support is deported from another location is not a sanctuary city? Does the child support stand?

While the question about deportation and child support is nothing new, it is something that is more common in today’s world. As such, researchers have been looking into parental deportations and their obligations to pay support for a while now. An article in The Atlantic, reported by the Migration Policy Institute and created via collaboration with the Urban Institute looked at how a parent’s deportation connects with a child’s health and happiness.

  • Negative Consequences

Economics are important in this conversation, but there are other things equally important. The report shows that children in this situation may have behavioral problems related to anger and depression. It also can be stressful to live in a situation where economic security is compromise. As those deported are often fathers, this leaves women and children to deal with having little to no financial support.

In addition to that, there are other problems. If there is a child support order but the paying parent is deported, the other parent may have language barriers that make assistance difficult. It’s also possible the remaining parent is not a U.S citizen and will worry about being deported themselves if they seek help from the government. A La Grange child support lawyer can help by providing assistance and determining what can and cannot be done.

  • Collecting Child Support

Anytime a parent is deported from the U.S, there is going to be a major psychological and emotional toll on the child. If the parent also stops making payments, that adds an economic consequence as well. However, there are options. If the parent of your child was deported or has left the country and is not providing child support, there may be assistance available to you.

  • Seek Support Now

If you are having trouble with enforcing a support order due to a deported parent, you should speak with a La Grange child support lawyer child support lawyer. You can call M. Scott Gordon & Associates at 312-360-0250 to set up a free consultation to determine what your best options are.

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