Can You Find A Good Chiropractor In Lincoln Park, Illinois?

What Is Chiropractic?

The art originates from ancient eastern roots that are slightly mystical in nature and concentrate on invisible “life forces” that have control of all our bodily functions. In its current (Western) form, it was introduced by one D. D. Palmer in the 1890’s and subsequently expanded by his son B.J. Palmer. As a healing science, it has always been viewed with suspicion by the established medical profession. Although it has shed much of its mysticism, mainstream medicine still tends to view a chiropractor in Lincoln Park, Chicago (or anywhere else) as a practitioner of “alternate medicine”.

Chiropractic’s basic premise centers around the human spinal cord and no one disputes that our brain controls our body through our central nervous system which passes down our necks and through our spines to send and receive electrical signals to and from every part of our body. The medical profession does not dispute this. Where they do express doubt is over the chiropractic form of treatment using manual manipulation of the parts of the spinal cord to cure a range of different symptoms (from headaches to leg pains and much more).

More Than Manipulation

Today’s clinics for chiropractic do not only offer manipulation. Most of them now take a holistic approach to the human body. Treatments start with diagnosis and can include acupuncture, physical therapy, homeopathy, massage and dietary advice as well as or instead of the basic spinal manipulation.

This holistic approach is based on the concept that health is affected by everything that is found in an individual’s environment and good health requires everything to be in the correct balance. These days, spiritual aspects are not considered as important as in the past. Those who stick to the older ideas are sometimes referred to as “straight” practitioners whereas those who combine elements of scientific medicine (e.g. osteopathy) and eschew most of the mysticism are called “mixers”.

How Qualified Are They?

Anyone desiring to be a chiropractor in Lincoln Park must have obtained a first professional degree in the field of chiropractic. The Council on Chiropractic Education currently recognizes 18 Doctor of Chiropractic programs nationwide.

In 2008, it was estimated that some 49,000 had qualified under these programs. In addition, they have to meet the licensing regulations of the State in which they intend to practice and comply with the ethical standards set by the American Chiropractic Association.

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