Byron Workplace Accident Lawyers and Holiday Season Injuries

Did you know that an astonishing number of people are injured each Christmas season due to everything from falls to shocks, cuts and burns? Hundreds of fires occur due to Christmas trees and this results in dozens of injuries and an average of ten deaths! Millions of dollars in property damages occur, and the workplace is no safe haven from these figures. In fact, a shocking number of workplace accidents and injuries are linked to the holidays, and it is why Byron workplace accident lawyers are such a valuable resource.

Holidays and Accidents

Are you someone who becomes a bit more distractible as the holiday season arrives? Do you think about everything from year-end work goals to the things you need to do on your holiday checklist? Almost everyone experiences some level of added distraction from the end of November and into the New Year.

Stress is an Issue

This means that many people also deal with a much higher burden of stress – including workplace related pressures and demands. Tied to both regular work-related issues and holiday schedules, it is not unusual for office and manual workers to experience extremes of fatigue. This can be tremendously dangerous when you work with heavy machinery or commute many miles, but also harms your overall work performance.

Driving is Riskier

After all, an increase in traffic is a normal part of the holiday season. If you are driving in an already fatigued and stressed state, you only increase the chances of an incident. Those who work in postal and package delivery or large-scale transportation are just as fatigued and stressed, and they face even greater risks of injury and/or accident.

Décor is Dangerous

Of course, and as we mentioned, holiday decorations can put you at risk at work, too. Whether you face injury as you climb ladders and deal with electrical cords and strings of lights or you trip over displays and office décor, the chances of workplace injury are upped as the season progresses. Naturally, those electrical hazards also translate to an increased risk of a fire in the office or workplace.

Workplace Accidents Happen All Year

Though it may seem as if we are describing the holidays as a time fraught with peril, we don’t want you to feel that is the entire truth. It is simply that workplace accidents and injury are common enough. Add in the pressures and issues associated with the holidays, and the need for Byron workplace accident lawyers increases. If you have suffered some sort of workplace accident or injury – during the holidays or not – contact Fisk & Monteleone LTD. today at 815-209-9030 to discuss the matter.

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