Butterfly Valve Function And Advantages

Butterfly valves require a quarter turn to allow the flow of material through a circular pipe or to stop the flow. The operation is quite simple, Bray butterfly valves in Houston, TX are manufactured with a metal disc in the valve body; the disc is positioned so the axis is perpendicular to the flow when the valve is closed. With one quarter turn, the valve is fully opened to allow for material flow. The disc can be positioned anywhere within this quarter turn to regulate the flow of liquid.

Advantages and disadvantage of butterfly valves:

The design and function of a butterfly valve is somewhat like a ball valve. When compared to ball valves, butterfly valves have several advantages. They are quite small and when coupled to a pneumatic actuator, the operation is very fast. As the disc is considerably lighter than a ball it takes less mass to support it than a ball valve of the same diameter. Butterfly valves are precise; this feature makes them advantageous in many industrial applications. Typically, Bray butterfly valves in Houston, TX require minimal maintenance and are extremely durable.

Although there are numerous advantages, there is one particular disadvantage to butterfly valves and that is, even when full open, some part of the disc is in the flow stream. Because of this there is bound to be a drop in pressure across the valve but as this is a known factor, the drop in pressure can often be designed out.

Butterfly valve operators:

Bray butterfly valves in Houston, TX are available in hand operation, electric operation or pneumatic operation styles. Of the two powered actuators, pneumatic is the fastest to react.

Automated valves are reliable, long lasting and durable and require minimal maintenance. High quality valves are available with cast steel bodies, aluminum bronze discs and seals allowing for operation up to 400 degrees F.

Bray butterfly valves in Houston, TX are available from Flow-Tech Industries. The valves are available in a number of different configurations and materials. You are invited to contact Flow-Tech Industries online at website for complete product specifications.

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