Boutique Hotels Making Their Mark for Luxury Living

by | Nov 27, 2013 | Real Estate

Boutique hotels have long been the sanctuary for elite travelers seeking unique experiences where high end living meets on trend luxury from dining to accommodations. Complaints could only stem from the shoe box rooms of some Midtown hotels of NYC, but even in the smallest quarters boutique hotels benefited from the brilliance of interior designers such as Philippe Stark. The boutique hotel has been taken to the next level with the unveiling of a combination residence/hotel at the Baccarat Hotel & Residences in Midtown New York.

Unsurpassed Talent
Newly built but steeped in tradition the Baccarat Hotel and Residences brings inspired architecture to the heart of Manhattan. The Baccarat defines itself with the reflective sparkle of crystal from main floor to penthouse highlighted with hints of sophisticated black. Baccarat, a world renowned crystal design company with roots steeped in regal history, was conceived in 1764 under royal decree. It has since made its name creating dazzling crystal products from lighting to table wear. Combine the commanding history of this elite company which provides the inspiration for the architecture of the building with the unsurpassed talent of New York architects Skidmore, Owings and Merrill and the crystal tower that reaches for the stars in Midtown New York becomes a beacon of luxury in a town some might argue is over saturated with it.

High Demand Condos
It is not surprising these Midtown NYC Luxury Condos for Sale are in high demand. When you consider that the architecture is the package that delivers the stunning gift within, one need just step into the lobby to get the full impact of this extraordinary building. Interior designer, Tony Ingrao caters to the world’s most discerning clients and has made his mark on the boutique hotel industry with this stunning homage to first class living. Every detail of the hotel reflects the brilliance of his vision which combines form and function seamlessly. From the stunning accent glass wall positioned behind the concierge desk to the 12,000 glass pieces that create the lighting of the grand salon the beauty of the hotel is unmatched by any other hotel in the city. Custom chandeliers are hand crafted and add to the sparkle of the impeccable décor. Even the elevators are dazzling with smoked oak panels making the trip to private rooms or Midtown NYC luxury condos for sale a practice in urban indulgence.

The Baccarat Hotel & Residences have exquisite Midtown NYC luxury condos in an exclusive hotel setting. Visit to experience the unsurpassable beauty of this unique living experience.


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