Booking Holiday Season Office Party Catering Services

by | Feb 23, 2015 | Restaurant

While the holiday season is often business as usual for many offices, workplaces and companies there is still the tradition of the holiday season office party. In many offices this is a lunch party where the office closes down at mid-day and the staff gets to enjoy the food brought in by party catering services.

Usually one person, or perhaps a few in a small committee, are selected, appointed or volunteer to plan and coordinate this special event. If you are one of the chosen few doing the planning and booking party catering services there are several considerations that you need to keep in mind.

Book Early

The best party catering services are going to quickly be booked to prepare a wonderful luncheon menu for staff. With companies requiring food for large numbers of staff booking early is critical.

The top party catering services will only book to prepare lunches that can be delivered fresh. This means that they won’t take orders that require them to prepare the meals more than a few hours in advance of your scheduled delivery time. This ensures that everything is fresh and sandwiches aren’t soggy.

It also means that the same high quality foods they provide throughout the year are the only foods you receive for this important corporate event. The last thing that you want is to hire a company based on their typical foods and end up with something that is substandard.

Know the Menu Requirements

When booking your party catering services early you do need to have concrete information to provide to the caterer. This means knowing how many people are in attendance, the style of presentation you want and the food selection. The food selection will depend on the style of presentation from buffet style to boxed lunches.

In addition if you can provide the specific time you want the party catering services on site to set up and if you want additional services such as catering staff this is helpful. You will need to notify the caterer about these requests when booking or well in advance of the event.

By knowing what you want and booking early you will avoid last minute disappointments. Remember that it is not uncommon to start booking for corporate holiday party catering services even in the early weeks of November, ensuring that you get just the service you want. To learn more about the Chicken Salad Chick party catering services see us online. We are easy to find by location at Facebook or Twitter.

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