Benefits of Window Tinting Wichita KS

The windows in your home add light, elegance and distinction; however, they can also be a huge source of heat loss during the winter months, or heat gain during the summer. There are some homeowners that will decide to install replacement windows or other types of treatments in order to minimize the issue. The good news is that there is another option: Window tinting Wichita KS. Besides sun control, when you invest in residential window film, you will receive a number of other benefits.

Increase in Energy Savings
One of the biggest benefits that are offered by tinting residential windows is that they will lower your overall energy bill. This is possible since the tint will reduce the amount of heat loss during the winter months and reduce the heat gain in the summer months. This will save you a significant amount of money on electricity and fuel. It will also lover the loss of air conditioning during the hotter months.

Protect Your Furniture
While you likely want natural light to fill your room and not compromise your view by having the curtains closed all the time, you may also be worried about the sun damage to your furniture. When you apply UV window film, it can reduce the fading that is caused by the sun to your furniture.

Reduce Damaging UV Rays
There are very few people that think to run sun block inside of their home. It is hard enough for most people to remember to put it on when they are going outside. However, if you want to protect yourself and your family from the damaging ultra violet rays from the sun while you are inside, then you should cover your windows with professional window ting.

Protection and Safety
When you have window tint applied by NorthStar Comfort Services you will also increase the security and safety of your home. If a window is broken that does not have the film on it, it will shatter in to millions of little pieces, increasing the risk of physical harm to those inside. The window tint will reduce this from occurring. Visit for more details.

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