Benefits of a Tempur-pedic Mattress

A Tempur-pedic mattress is what you need if you are searching for a good night’s sleep. The mattress perfectly cradles the body and uses the memory foam to give you a luxurious rest and provide full body relief. There are many benefits to owning a Tempur-pedic mattress in addition to comfort.  The following list provides advantages that can be received over a traditional mattress.

Long Lifespan

The firm and dense foam of a Tempur-pedic mattress has a life expectancy of at least 10 years. This more than supersedes the average mattress life of 7-8 years. Since you are able to get a lot more usage using the Tempur-pedic, you get a lot more value out of this type of mattress purchase.


A Tempur-pedic mattress bought in Gulfport, MS typically comes with a warranty. The mattress will be replaced should anything happen to it before the warranty expires. The terms may vary, but the warranty is usually a lengthy one, around 10 years.


The mattress has superior comfort that is coveted by the industry. Since the high-quality foam contours around your body by using your own body heat, it provides relief to joints and muscles immediately upon lying down. The pressure on your body is dramatically reduced and give you a pain free night of restorative sleep.

Since the foam is of high quality, as you sleep, you do not create any soft spots for your body to sink into over time. The foam maintains its firmness and its shape for many years. This is perfect for those with joint and muscle soreness.

Another additional comfort benefit is your decrease in movement as you sleep through the night. In addition, your partner will not feel you moving around during the night or notice you getting in and out of bed. The mattress foam stays firm and there are no coils to create movement throughout the night.

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