Before You Hire Out for Air Duct Cleaning in St. Charles

by | Aug 23, 2012 | Cleaning

Air pollution inside your home can lead to serious breathing problems, particularly for those who suffer from allergies or asthma. In addition, healthy people can become sick quickly if the growth of certain molds is present in their homes. Air duct cleaning in St. Charles is important to ensure harmful dust and debris isn’t filling up the warm, dark passageways that carry air around your home. Hiring an expert for this service isn’t easy, however. For this reason, the Environmental Protection Agency devised a set of guidelines to help homeowners get quality services.

Clean When Needed

Air duct cleaning in St. Charles can become expensive. When appropriate preventions are in place, it shouldn’t be necessary every year. Also, certain services aren’t necessary during each cleaning, such as using chemical sealants on the insides of ducts to prevent dust from getting inside them from inside your walls.

If a technician is encouraging you to add on expensive services, such as mold removal, make sure you ask to see evidence of a problem before giving the go-ahead. If cleaning is necessary, you will see dust, dirt and sometimes moisture present, not only in the vents and ducts but the heating and cooling systems as well.

Companies that go overboard in selling you the health benefits or demanding you need regular cleanings to keep your family safe are paying more attention to hype than to science. While cleaner air is an obvious benefit, it cannot cure asthma, for instance, or prevent your allergies from flaring up throughout the year. Pressure sellers should be avoided in favor of businesses that offer comprehensive services at fair prices.

Comprehensive Cleanings

The EPA strongly stresses the importance of full-system cleanings. Ignoring the heating component when it is filled with dust, for instance, guarantees your vents will be contaminated again the moment the furnace is turned on. Likewise, the efficiency improvements found in air duct cleaning in St. Charles can’t be experienced unless the air conditioner and furnace are cleaned out too.

Air duct cleaning in St. Charles takes the right equipment and training and a focus on problem solving versus regular sales. Reliable companies won’t push you into services you don’t need and won’t need to be convinced to do their jobs thoroughly. Do a bit of research and you will be able to find at least one outstanding service provider online.

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