Available Choices In Garage Doors And Installation In Tinley Park

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The modern garage evolved from the carriage houses of old where homeowners once held horses and carriages. As motorized vehicles were introduced to the world, horses and the carriages they conveyed gave way to advances in technology. The first known overhead garage door was created in 1921, followed by the earliest electric garage door opener in 1926.

Garage doors are the largest moving features of most homes, and it is common for a garage to consume 33 percent of a home’s square footage. Homeowners may choose from a variety of styles and construction materials for their garage doors. Contrary to the mundane steel or plywood garage doors of the past, today’s garage doors are also available in fiberglass, aluminum and various types of wood.

Fiberglass doors are are a flexible and durable option. They present none of the warping and cracking issues of wood doors and offer more insulation than other materials. They withstand time and the elements well, with the exception of long periods of extreme cold and high winds.

Though once considered fragile, aluminum doors have been upgraded over the years to include sturdier extruded frames and laminated panels for added strength. These doors are rust proof and light weight but are more expensive than some of their counterparts.

Wood doors cover an extensive price range, depending on the type of wood being used and whether they are made of solid wood or simply wooden frames. These doors offer classic charm and an array of finishes. Despite their beauty, wood garage doors require frequent refinishing and are prone to cracking and warping.

Among the least expensive options, steel doors are still widely used. Steel is relatively durable but can be dented and tends to rust if scratched. Though less maintenance is necessary with steel than with wood, any scratches should be touched up as soon as possible to avoid rust.

Garage doors are available in four common forms; sliding, swing up, swing out and roll up. Among these, the most popular option is the sectional roll up door. Standard doors of this nature require about two feet of headroom for clearance purposes, but customized models can be designed for garages with more or less overhead space.

Companies offering maintenance and Garage door installation in Tinley Park can advise customers on the door that most accurately fits their needs. They also ensure doors and their tracks and other components are installed safely and correctly.

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