Audiology Evaluations and Hearing Instrument in Norwich, CT

By the time a person reaches the age of 20, they will experience some level of hearing loss. These minor changes do not affect many people dramatically, and most can go about their daily routines without noticing any difference in how they hear. Over time, loud noises and working, in particular, environments, can take a drastic toll on a person’s ability to hear correctly. Receiving an evaluation or a Hearing Instrument in Norwich CT, can lessen the effects of hearing loss and help people rejoin the conversation. Chronic ear infections and other illness over the course of an individual’s life can also affect their hearing as they age. Children who have had surgeries for chronic ear infections run a higher risk of hearing loss as they grow. A hearing evaluation done yearly by an audiologist will determine and monitor fluctuations in their hearing patterns. People should note that not all children who have forms of hearing loss suffered from ear infections; hearing loss can affect every 3 out of 1,000 children born a year.

Working with loud machines and in areas that are noisy can contribute to a person’s ability to hear. The constant noise sustained for extended periods of time damage the small hair cells of the inner ear that help to move sound. Once these cells are damaged, they are not able to be repaired, and they contribute to the majority of hearing loss cases. Balance also becomes an issue when one begins to suffer hearing loss. The auditory system along with the other senses work in harmony to keep people from losing balance. When the hearing loss happens, it affects one’s ability to stay balanced, this is especially noticeable in young children who have ear problems. Getting evaluated and fitted for a Hearing Instrument in Norwich CT can help with hearing related balance issues.

Dr. Worgul founded County Hearing and Balance to help promote better hearing to the residents of Norwich, CT and the surrounding areas. He believes that every patient should seek a yearly hearing exam to make sure that they are not suffering from even minor hearing loss issues. He and his work to ensure that all patients receive the expert care and guidance that comes with taking control of their hearing loss, they work to find the right hearing instrument. Schedule An Appointment today to discuss options and to begin hearing again.

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