Are You Unhappy With Your Cellular Service Provider?

These days, it is a rare person who does not have both a cellular phone and, at least, one internet access device (maybe the cell phone but, more likely a computer of some sort – desktop, laptop, tablet, etc). Any of these are 100% reliant on a service provider before they can connect and “do their stuff”. Because the technology was new not all that long ago, the service providers were somehow able to write their own rules as regards what you (the consumer) have to pay in order to avail yourself of their services. Whether it is a post paid subscription account or an advance payment (pay as go) system; many of us feel that our provider is taking advantage of us – especially when his service becomes temporarily unavailable but we still have to pay with no refund for their “downtime”). We have to use someone and all of them appear to tie us down to a long term contract (often with penalties if we try to drop out of it).

Is There Anything New Out There?

In September of 2012, an alternative – founded by Ryan Wuerch and called Solavei – was launched. This follows a business model pioneered in Europe whereby a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) like Solavei functions as a wireless communications services provider but, does not own the wireless network infrastructure over which they provide services to their customers. Instead, they enter an agreement with an existing mobile network operator to obtain bulk access to network services at wholesale rates; they then set their own retail prices. Solavei obtain their infrastructure from T-Mobile US. They are not the only MVNO in the U.S. but many aim their services at particular ethnic or common interest groups (there is even one focusing on advancing the legalization of cannabis); some may be going out of business or are not widely available; others may have started well with the aim to save their customers money and be a real alternative to the big corporations only to end up being swallowed by their network partners.

Solavei’s current policy has a low cost, no-contract, mobile phone plan for unlimited voice, text, and data plus Рthey pay their existing customers for taken-up referrals ($20 per month for every 3 new customers introduced).

When you buy a used cell phone from BestBuyCells at Solavei, not only do you get a wide selection to choose from but, you also have the opportunity to link it to the Solavei service and earn money by sharing Solavei with your friends and family.

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