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by | Jul 15, 2013 | Jewelry

 The professional diamond buying Beverly Hills specialist knows the most important characteristics of diamonds. These characteristics are color, cut, clarity and carat or weight. When diamond in Beverly Hills, you must be able to determine how each of these characteristics apply to the diamonds being bought in order to know what price should be paid. Below is a short explanation of each of these terms as they relate to diamonds.

Diamond Characteristics:

Cut: How a diamond is cut will determine its sparkle or brilliance. The more sparkle or brilliance the higher quality the diamond

Color: The less color the higher the quality. Diamonds that are white, with little or no color at all, will get the highest color grade.

Clarity: Refers to how many natural imperfections a diamond has. All but the very finest diamonds will have small imperfections. These imperfections are called blemishes or more commonly inclusions. Most inclusions are too small to be seen by the naked eye and don’t affect the beauty of a diamond.

Carat: The weight of the diamond may not accurately tell the diamond’s size. To understand a diamonds size you need to consider the distance across the top of a diamond measured in millimeters and the cut grade of the diamond.

It is the ability to take into account all of these characteristics that lets those diamond buying in Beverly Hills bring you only the best quality diamonds. This is true whether the retail buyer is buying loose diamonds or diamonds that have already been set into a piece of jewelry. Both the professional buyers and those that give appraisals need to classify any diamond according to these characteristics in order to determine the value.

If you are diamond buying Beverly Hills style, you will bring an expert that can explain how each of these characteristics apply to the price you will pay. They also need to make the determination of whether the diamond is a real natural diamond or a man-made diamond. This will also determine the correct price that you should be willing to pay. Both by educating yourself to some degree and bringing a professional appraiser with you are intelligent ways of knowing whether you’re paying a fair price for the diamond you buy when you go on the diamond buying Beverly Hills trip.

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